Why Steampunk Now?

I was recently reading an article published in Time Magazine (Dec. 14, 2009) about the “rise” of steampunk. For your reference, you can find the article here. In this article, the author contends that steampunk is becoming “increasingly intense and relevant.” My interpretation of the author’s thesis is that steampunk is popular because it is a way of re-humanizing our technology and increasing our comprehension of the technology that rules our lives. I don’t disagree with the idea that this is one level of appeal of steampunk, but I don’t think that concept truly describes why so many people are currently attracted to it. Also, I disagree with the author’s premise that steampunk is a “subculture.” We will be exploring these ideas in more detail in future posts, but I’m curious about what others think of the ideas posed in this article. Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts! Also, sign up to participate in the Great Steampunk Debate of 2010 to share your opinions with a larger audience. The forums there will open May 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Why Steampunk Now?”

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  5. Online Consignment Says:

    I dont know who you think you are, but youre just blowing smoke out your ears. Nothing youre saying makes sense and its all a bunch of immature ranting. If you want people to get behind your blog, you should at the very least learn a little something about what youre talking about!

  6. Fo Real Says:

    Wow online consignment… why dont you quit being a nay-sayer and go sell someone else stuff. If you don’t like the bog then don’t read it.

    Anyway… Why steampunk, why now? I think our answer is right here… the internet, or aetherweb if you prefer. Everything is out there waiting to be discovered. And as soon as it does it goes viral and gets a million hits.

    As far as being a subculture, I have to say that applies to a very small percentage of participants. A subculture to me represents more of a lifestyle. I don’t see many people walking around everyday in their spats and waistcoats. But technically, gathering for conventions, posting online, etc all represent culture.

    Whatever it is and for whatever reason it has come about… I like it and look forward to experiencing more.

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