M’s Magical Past – Secret Hogwarts School Photo

As part of the 2013 holiday festivities I (M) and my fella Miguel* traveled to the parents’ house for a Christmas get together.

When we walked in the door, the tree was all sparkly and pretty and the nieces were running around crazy and the nephew was showing off his new walking skills. It was lovely chaos.

Of course the first thing Miguel saw was this ornament hanging on the tree. I made it in the 3rd grade. Yep, that’s me.

 3rd Grade M photo ornament

Miguel’s reaction: “Awww, look at you! All ready to go to Hogwarts!”

This made the room laugh and I was embarrassed and everyone thoroughly enjoyed that.

So I posted the photo on my personal FB page and everyone seemed to agree with Miguel, so K sent me a photo of Hermione. A few days later, I received another photo in a message from my friend Tony. He had doctored it so that I was wearing the appropriate Gryffindor garments.

M + Hermione = Hogwarts Ready

Then, one night during all the snow and ice and terrible cold, Miguel had taken the dog out for a wee and came back in with a little icicle that would have been perfect for a wand (had it not been made of ice and already melting)!

I posted this photo with the caption “I have my wand. NOW I’m ready for Hogwarts!” Which led to a discussion about whether I was really Hogwarts material.

M shows off her IceWand

It has been decided that I am more of a Durmstrang Girl and that my wand’s heartstring is from a narwhal.

I love my friends and family!

- M of the Frenzygals

*Miguel is an alias to protect the identity of the not-so-innocent.

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  1. Mary Says:

    I always thought that all my nieces and nephews were magical. Now I have proof. :)


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