K’s Devilish Bacon Avocado Bourbon Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs made with avocado bacon and devils cut bourbon

K and her fiance recently took a trip to Kentucky and visited the Jim Beam Bourbon Factory. They learned that during the distilling process some of the liquor is lost to evaporation and some to the barrel itself. The portion lost to evaporation is known as the Angel’s Share, while the that lost to the barrel is called the Devil’s Cut.

Well, those clever devils at Jim Beam have figured out a way to reclaim the Devil’s Cut and sell it in specially marked bottles. K, of course, bought one of those special bottles. And then she had a clever idea of her own for how to use some of it!

K’s Truly Devilish

Bacon Avocado Bourbon Deviled Eggs

Instead of the standard mustard and egg yolk deviled egg filling, K made a filling using avocado and seasonings, added a little Devil’s Cut Bourbon, topped it with some bits of bacon (not to be confused with Bacon Bits), and a sprig of parsley for looks.

WOWZA! Those are some devilishly delicious deviled eggs!!!

Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon


2 Responses to “K’s Devilish Bacon Avocado Bourbon Deviled Eggs”

  1. Neal Says:

    You need to bring some of these to Indy. Seriously. I expect them at the airport when you pick me up.

  2. Frenzy Gals Says:

    I’m not sure they would travel well with the 4 hour drive in the van and then the 3 hour wait for your flight to get in, Neal! We might end up with a Fireside Incident of Massive Food Poisoning and that would be totally NOT awesome!


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