Review: Real Steel

Review: Reel Steal

From the moment I saw the first preview of this movie, I knew I would go see it. I have loved robots since I was a small child and have only gotten more interested in them as I have grown. I was surprised I hadn’t heard anything about it until they released the previews because usually someone clues me in on all things robot, if my innate spidey senses don’t urge me to seek the information on my own.

Well, the preview looked potentially craptastic but, as the movie featured robots AND Hugh Jackman, I opted to “splurge” (by using a gift certificate I received last Christmas) and pay full ticket price to see it in the theatre.

It was kind of small goings at the very beginning of the movie and I didn’t much care for the main character, Charlie Kenton, despite him looking exactly like Hugh Jackman. I must admit I didn’t like the robot fight with the bull and my animal loving-side was pleased when the bull tore that robot in half. Besides, I hate when male characters are so cocky and stupid and don’t pay attention to the task at hand because they are too busy trying to “look cool.”

The addition of the predictable burdens of unwilling fatherhood made me groan inwardly and I had started to resign myself to disappointment… then Midas showed up. How can you not love a robot with a mohawk?!? (I do know it wasn’t technically a mohawk and was, in fact, a galea. But I like mohawks and so prefer to think of a robots-mohawk hybridization.)

It got even better even faster with the introduction of Atom, the true star of the show, and the humanlike characteristics they gave him. The “Little” Robot That Could and the man-boy team behind him that refuse to give up was apparently what my cold, unfeeling heart needed to melt and beat in anticipation and agony with every punch (both the literal and figurative kind) levied against him/them.

“The junkyard dog” versus the undefeated champion with all the backing and endorsements got me in Atom’s corner completely. I also adored the dancing robot sequences. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cute robots.

I won’t tell you the end, except to say that is was predictable, with a slight twist that I totally appreciated. I will recommend it with a 4 out of 5 stars, but will also recommend you wait until after the theatre run unless you are more pecunious than I.

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