Circus-A-Day Project: Week 6

Circus-A-Day Recap of Week 6

Day 36: VooDoo Carnival Photographs (K) & Misfit Menagerie (M)

For our Day 36 Circus, K is counting the photos she took at the Voodoo Carnival by the Queen City Cabaret. We had a fabulous time, and we took the best photos we could considering the equipment and the lighting. Please go check out the amazing work of Goblin Road. The show was put on by the Queen City Cabaret, and include Zahara’s Tangled Web, Robin Marks Magic, The Pickled Brothers Sideshow, and Switchblade Syndicate.

M’s circus for day 36 is not very Steampunky, and definitely somewhat Dr. Moreau but in a much less morbid and creepifying way. I decided to play with some of my toys! I have a lovely collection of MagnaMorph toys that are animals magnetic body parts that can be switched around with each other. So I made up some new animals. I am still trying to figure out how to classify them taxonomically. And, yes, the elephant-like creature does have T-Rex legs!

Day 37: Watch Case Pendants/Charms (K) & Circus Tent Skirt Design (M)

Although K made something on Day 37, it took a couple of days to post the photos because I couldn’t get a decent photograph. The pendants/charms are made from old watch cases. I collaged printed dictionary pages to the back bezel, and then filled the case partway with Swarovski rhinestones, watch gears, and watch hands. The convexity of the glass in the watch case magnifies the contents, but makes the item very difficult to photograph! It was the mid-morning light right on the windowsill that finally gave me the right light to allow you to see inside the pendants.

M spent the day doing fun stuff (a.k.a. taking a day off!) so she humbly submits a simple design sketch of something that has been running around in her head for a while. I am obviously not a classically trained designer, or artist by any stretch of the imagination, but if I can get it down on paper the end result is usually much easier to procure. I was inspired by the stash of wild, fun fabric I have been hoarding over the years and a skirt I saw in a magazine that looked like a carousel. My version is less couture and more cutesy, but I am excited to put it into the “to be prototyped” pile!

 Day 38: Steampunk Mardi Gras Necklace (K) & Red Sequin Garter (M)

So, K got confused and thought that Feb. 8 was Mardi Gras. (When in fact, it is March 8). In celebration of Mardi Gras, K stepped a little bit away from the circus theme to make a Mardi Gras necklace by using brass chain and findings, an old clock key, a brass mask, and glass beads in Mardi Gras colors.

M didn’t even start making her item until 11pm and was very sleepy so she went simple. I took some stretch red sequin trimming, stitched an old button on one end, then some red silk cording into a loop on the other end”¦ and you get a sparkly leg garter! I only stabbed myself with the needle 3 times and fell asleep once during the process.

Day 39: Brass “Cirque” Charm Bracelet (K) & Lace Garter Pouch (M)

K’s contribution for Day 39 is a charm bracelet made with the brass letter charms I engraved last week and some new animal charms I just received. I like the jingly charms; it seems like it would be a fun bracelet to wear.

M felt like her Day 38 contribution wasn’t quite “enough” and so decided to add to it. I made the pouch out of a scrap of black lace by folding it over on itself in thirds like you would fold a letter, attached black grosgrain ribbon belt loops to the back and put on a salvaged button for a closure. Then, I slipped the garter through the loops and had a handy place to store a few folded bills, a lipstick, or even a very small, lightweight weapon, should I need it.

Day 40: Razzles, the Aeronautic Ape

K & M present “Razzles, the Aeronautic Ape!” Our intrepid stuffed gorilla has taken on the job to be blasted from the cannon at a moment’s notice. For this dangerous assignment, he required a mini sparkle-vinyl flight helmet and a pair of tiny goggles made from two aluminum tin lids with glass tops. M would like you to know how difficult this vinyl was to work with and to reassure you that future versions of the baby flight helmet will not look so, well, crazy.

Day 41: Steampunk Valentines

Today, we both were feeling the LOVE, so we focused on Valentines! K’s Valentine came in the form of a soldered charm necklace that spells the word LOVE. M learned a number of new skills to make this gorgeous, steamy valentine! M likes to call it her “Resistance is Futile” Valentine as whomever is answering the question can only say YES if they play the game right!

M would like to add that she made K VERY nervous while rummaging through K’s stash of ephemera and using K’s tools and supplies. It was loads of fun! K would like to point out that without her, M would have set the whole place on fire and other calamities would have ensued.

Day 42: Candy Circus Doll Dress

Today, we had a conversation about how many tootsie rolls we could or should eat in a day. Then, we were inspired by all those Tootsie Roll wrappers we had lying around (LOL). So, M made a dress, while K worked on the little hat. K helped a little with the dress by making the candy wrapper “fabric” with packing tape and by being an extra pair of hands when M needed it. But mostly, M just did an awesome job with a very difficult medium. Anybody have any tips or tricks we should know about for working with candy wrappers?

K’s Insights for Week 6: This is something I’ve known for a while, but it was reiterated to me this week: working in miniature is HARD! It’s far more difficult to work with tiny pieces to make a small work of art than it is to work on a standard scale. Partly because my fingers are too clumsy, partly because I’m getting old and my eyesight isn’t so good. Also, I’m getting more and more nervous about how we’re going to pull of making art every day while we’re on the road. We spend so much time and use so many materials in each work of art that to keep our commitment during 21 days on the road (amidst conventions, no less) seems nigh impossible.

M’s Insights for Week 6: I need to learn to cut myself some slack and have fun with this project, otherwise I will get burnt out and end up hating the creative process. I worked on simple things this week (or at least things that appear simple when completed) and believe I may have found a way to mute the perfectionist in me and the nagging voice that says what I do isn’t good enough. Stupid little self doubts! Oh, and I concur with K’s statements about working in miniature… and would like to add that waxy candy papers are very difficult to control!

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    Hi I ran into a bug on your website, the RSS feed doesn’t appear to be running correctly in my RSS reader. For some reason it’s sorta glitchy when using “Awasu Personal Edition” reader. Anyways I still like the site.

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