Actual Convo: What would you do with Billions?

What would YOU do with Billions of Dollars?

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We all dream of having lots of money and imagine what we would do with it. Here is an Actual Conversation M had with her boyfriend regarding the potential of being rich. (Miguel is not his real name, but it is a codename he has been sporting for the bulk of their relationship to protect his identity.)

M: I don’t think I would want billions of dollars. I would be a nervous wreck if I had that kind of money. I only want a few million so I can know I will be taken care of and not have to worry every month.

Miguel: If I had billions of dollars I would claim Mars.

M: As in the planet?

Miguel: Yes. I would fund an expedition and tell them to go claim it for me. Then I would build my tomb in the middle of the desert in the U.S., bigger than the pyramids.

M: Why would you be buried on Earth when you own Mars?

Miguel: Well, I might not get there in time.

M: ???

Miguel: Of course, there is probably some international law that prohibits the claiming of planets in our solar system

M: Yeah, there is probably some kind of treaty or something. That just means you have to fund an expedition to the “unknown universe” , way outside our current galaxy because I bet the treaty only covers the “known universe.”

Mars. Source:

Miguel: Hmmmm.

Yes, this seemed like a very important discussion at the time. When dreaming that big you must consider all the eventualities.

What would you do with billions of dollars?

2 Responses to “Actual Convo: What would you do with Billions?”

  1. Zach Says:

    Whose law applies on Mars? Whoever can defend it. It’s like when some guy sent NASA a bill for parking a spacecraft on an asteroid he claimed he owned. NASA basically told him to leave a ticket on the windshield and they’d take care of it.

  2. Frenzy Gals Says:

    That is brilliant! The ticket thing, that is. I am guessing Martial Law applies on Mars. – M


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