A-Typical Day in the Frenzy Universe

An Atypical Day (AKA The Only Kind)

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first entered the Frenzy workshop a little over a year ago. After a few weeks, I realized that expecting unexpectedness was the best course of action. This suited me well. I’m a bit obsessive (possibly an understatement), and it is wonderfully refreshing to have at least one job in which most of the control isn’t in my immediate hands. Don’t get me wrong, though. K and M generously allow me to contribute my ideas to a variety of projects. I can often be found hovering over M’s shoulder whilst she researches fashion ideas on her laptop, eagerly giving my comments like an enthusiastic puppy.

Did I mention that I usually receive candy at work? I feel that this is an important detail.

I’m stalling, because I initially believed that this particular blog would be much easier to write than it has proven thus far. I think the biggest challenge is in attempting any form of summarization of my tasks at Frenzy. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every day is different. There are more serious days for updating inventory, writing product descriptions, taking measurements and cutting pattern pieces. There are also days for animatedly describing costumes and colours, leafing through Gothic Lolita magazines and the latest issue of Vogue, perhaps with a website on historical fashion illuminating the background. There are times when the three of us sit on footstools and creatively brainstorm. I cherish that because it is a priceless process.

The following is a year at Frenzy Universe, compiled into an inconveniently cluttered paragraph, because somehow the lack of format captures a certain facet of my job’s charm. Making medals, burning ribbon, burning other things, catching things on fire (just kidding”¦ I think), tracing patterns, cutting out patterns, sewing, ripping things apart to make patterns, failing at bending copper ribbon into cookie cutters, precisely measuring notches in copper ribbon, writing descriptions, taking measurements, staring at all of the clothing in the stock room, laughing, eating candy, drinking wine, more of the above, watching M sew while I was supposed to design fabric flowers, complaining about people not wearing proper pants, making Victorian beaded ornament covers, modelling, painting, distressing and studding giant fabric tarps, watching awesome movies, dyeing clothing (and my fingers), washing gloves, trying on clothing, purchasing clothing I’ve tried on and fell in love with, dyeing Maureen’s hair purple”¦ and somehow I feel as though I’ve left out about a thousand other things.

It sounds fun because it truly is, but if there is one thing I would say to anyone reading this piece, it is that I have the easy job. I get to enjoy the fruits of K and M’s labour. Owning a business is extraordinarily hard work. It is stressful and sometimes disheartening. It relies upon a great many factors, some of which are difficult or impossible to control. It requires courage, and a great deal of it. There are ups and downs, sometimes over the course of a year, and often just in the course of a week. Perseverance is essential, and I know that it isn’t always easy. Here’s to K and M!



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