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Welcome to the FuturePast!


The Frenzy Universe, was discovered in 2009 by sisters Maureen and Kris. Frenzy Universe is a fringe world where our fun and funky selves explore and discover the weird, wacky, and whimsical to enhance our daily reailty with a bit of glimmer and shine.

The Frenzy Universe is an "in-between" world filled with curiosity and creativity. Full of misfits of time and space, the Frenzy Universe operates on self-expression and unconditional acceptance as the governing principles. This realm is inhabited by strange and exotic organisms that defy traditional taxonomic classification and unique characters whose life purpose appears to be inspiration for the development of new retrofuturistic garments and works of art. Scattered throughout the Frenzy Universe are artifacts of the futurepast that hold great power. These artifacts are lost works of art and technology of past and future cultures. We draw from these artifacts new and wonderful visions of ways to use fashion, art, and interpersonal communication to create and to be fully self-expressed.

This ever-expanding pocket universe offers safe haven for anyone looking for creative solutions to the mundane experience of existence. It is a nomadic home for adventure hobbits who want to see multiple worlds from the comfort of a tea cup and tell big fish stories to birds of paradise.

If you are looking for a home for your wandering soul or simply seek a bit of respite from the harsh realities of existence on the physical plane, rest your self here awhile. You are always welcome in the Frenzy Universe.

We started out catering to our brethren of Steampunk persuasion, but have discovered there are many facets of the Frenzy Universe that speak to us and through us and must be given a rightful chapter in our personal and professional histories. You will find we traverse the map of time and space and navigate the shadows between the real and imagined to bring you treasures and ideas that will make misfits of time and space feel at home. Misfits like us.



Become a Frenzyling!

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