Mission: Make Art Every Day in 2011

“Why Create for 365 Days?”

To some people, committing to a year of creative projects might seem like a crazy prospect. In fact, it seems a little crazy to us, too! But we chose to commit to making one new piece of art every single day for 365 days, beginning on January 1, 2011. Sometimes, it seems like a monumental task, and we are sure to be challenged to keep our commitment. But we consider it a test of our creative skills, a practice in integrity, and a testament to our commitment to be the possibility of creativity and self-expression. We believe that the world is a better place when people are creating and that the world can be transformed by the positivity that is connected to a focus on creation.

Some of the challenges we will face include: 1) finding time every day for creative pursuits, 2) having fresh ideas every day, 3) having the skills to create the projects we envision, 4) having the tools to create the projects we envision, 5) making the time/space to create while we’re on the road for conventions and other events.

We are aware that there are going to be days where we hate this project, but hopefully more days where we can hold our heads high and know, even if it isn’t pretty, we created SOMETHING! This endeavor will force us to expand our definition of ART to include all sorts of things from the simple to the bizarre. We may miss a day or have a day that could be considered a failure, but at least we will have tried and we hope that can inspire us the next day and the day after that.

Some of the ways we’ll benefit from this exercise include: 1) making art every day will change our mindset to one of creative expression, 2) sharing what we create every day will allow us to create new friends and expand our network, 3) sharing what we create every day will allow us to get feedback on our skills and our creative choices, 4) our artwork will encourage other people to create and to show us what they create, 5) we get to extend our creative skill sets and tool sets, 6) we get to have lots of cool stuff we made!

We hope that others will engage with our project and provide us with inspiration and feedback. Together we can fill the world with art!

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