For the Love of Literacy

Let’s All Go to the Library!

In recent years we have become aware of an alarming number of communities in need of launching crusades to save their local library from budget cuts and community disinterest.

Raised in a family of 5 children where there wasn’t much money left over for recreation, we relied heavily on the local library for entertainment, enrichment, and access to information that was otherwise out of reach to us in a rural community.

Many happy hours were spent wandering the stacks picking up tomes with interesting titles or lovely cover art. We found many friends on those shelves with whom we are still intimately acquainted today.

The librarians were kind and often made fantastic recommendations based on our reading history and opened new worlds to us by simply pointing us to the card catalog and teaching us how to use it. Vital research skills were learned in our local library as well as ways of organizing and classifying the “stuff” in our lives.

Both K and I worked our way through college working at libraries and were grateful for the money garnered by shelving endless carts of books. We practically memorized the Dewey Decimal system and still find that knowledge useful today when researching topics of interest. We rely on the local library to get us technique books for projects and to entertain with movies and CDs we can borrow. The local library is actually how M managed to get caught up on LOST when she found herself sucked in halfway through the 3rd season.

If you haven’t been to a library recently, please visit one soon. Renew your library card or sign up for one. (M actually has 5 library cards from different cities in which she has lived. Take advantage of this amazing resource in your neighborhood and encourage others to do the same. They are worth saving and deserve our patronage.

- M of the frenzygals

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  1. K Says:

    K here: For the record, I don’t know a thing about the Dewey Decimal system. However, I can find anything you need using the Library of Congress system. :)

  2. Jennisen Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. As your big sister the Librarian, I appreciate your patronage of my sacred spaces! Libraries can take you out of your world to explore others or provide access to insights that can make your world a better place.

    You will be very glad to know that librarians around the country (and possibly the world) have been paying attention to you as well, as there is a current trend for understanding the Steampunk genre in an effort to provide resources, materials, and general “for fun” sources for those interested. May I have permission to share your blog post with my librarian list-serv?

  3. Frenzy Gals Says:

    Absolutely. You can share this. I am so glad there are so many librarians in the world that share their love of the written word and the necessary skills to access the wealth of information available in libraries.
    - M

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