Circus-A-Day Project: Week 8

Circus-a-Day Project Recap of Week 8

Day 50: Steampunk and Circus Dice

Wow, Day 50! Okay, so we didn’t make today’s circus, but we did make the drive to Toledo and found these dice and bought them. That counts for something, right? Right? We also got to hang out with the lovely art freaks of Steeleworks and Frank & Steele. We picked up some of the awesome gears those folks make with their 3D printer. We also found Steampunk Dice and are already working on the Fortune Teller outfit that will go with them!

Day 51: Circus Signs (K) & Circus Wardrobe (M)

Today, K started to panic about leaving for 3 weeks on the road and had 2 very important things on the To Do List: make signage for the booth and make a circus. So, I combined those two tasks and pulled out lots of pretty papers and my fave circus letter stamps. I did not realize that I do not have any numbers in my stamping repertoire, which I will have to remedy, stat! I have lots more signage to make tomorrow, so don’t be surprised to see more as tomorrow’s circus, too!

M was trying to pack for the upcoming trip and decided as she was pulling clothes out of her closet she would put together a crazy outfit with some of her favorite things. It is not very steampunk because all my Steampunk accessories are already down at the workshop to be packed for the trip. I thought it was funny putting it together but the more I look at it the more I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to actually wear it!

Day 52: Web Tutorials (K) & Horseback Stuntwoman Skirt

K is counting the three web tutorials she wrote up and posted as her circus for the day. I spend the day editing photos and writing up step-by-step instructions for the Military Medals and Copper Walking Sticks tutorials.

M finally finished the Horseback Stuntwoman Skirt she started over a month ago! It really did not want to be made as I managed to jam the machine twice and lost a needle during today’s process, as well as ran out of thread on the bobbin and the spool (at different times, of course). Had just enough ribbon to make the waist tie. It is so pretty though!

Day 53: Circus Bustle Skirt with Flocking

In the midst of the chaos of preparing for our first two big conventions of 2011, we made the time to mod this double-corset waisted skirt. It was white, but we dyed it, and then we added the great flocked gears by ironing them on. We think it’s super adorable! We’re also very excited to offer the flocked gears in a variety of sizes and colors at a convention near you soon!

Day 54: Mechanical Tiger

Circus on the road is HARD! Here is a photo K managed to get of a crazy drilling mechanism on the back of a semi that we both decided looked kind of like a Bengal tiger to our sleep-deprived, road-weary eyes. M had to do some crazy stunt driving to keep K close enough in the dark but not get too close and freak out the driver.

Day 55: Food Lion & Circus Billboard

Okay, so we didn’t “make” the circus the last two days, but we have made an effort to think about it and try to find circus things to see along the route to Atlanta. Today we give you a Food Lion truck and a Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey billboard.

Day 56: Stamped Circus Signage

We got up very early and finished making our stamped signage for the booth before the vendor hall opened at AnachroCon. K had made several of the signs earlier, but we still had a lot of stuff to label. Working together we were able to crank out the rest of the signage pretty quickly and we think our booth looks pretty flippin’ sweet!

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