Bacon Cotton Candy

I recently tested the theory that cotton candy makes things better when I tried a Pink Punk Cosmo at a TGI Friday’s restaurant. The theory was not supported by this cocktail. Aside from the high alcohol content (which is always good in cocktails) and the inclusion of a fluff of cotton candy (which disintegrates immediately) it was rather disappointing and lackluster.

A personal Facebook post to this effect sparked the conversation about the theory that bacon makes everything better, and how it seems like this would make logical sense, but in practice it is not true. I am a fan of Vosges bacon chocolate bar, in moderation, and I will try bacon on just about anything, but I must agree that some combinations are hideous and revolting.

I am a huge fan of both bacon AND cotton candy, so naturally the idea began to form in my head to try combining the two. I received a countertop cotton candy machine as a gift for Christmas, so I have the tools necessary to fulfill this experiment. I am thinking I need to acquire some bacon salt to mix in for the bacon flavoring and then I will be ready to test this new concoction.

Who knows, I may be on to something. We’ll keep you posted.

- M of the frenzygals

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